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With diverse skills and a shared purpose, our leaders believe in Veralto, encourage professional growth on all levels, and lead by example.

Executive Leaders

Board of Directors

Jennifer L. Honeycutt, Veralto’s President and Chief Executive Officer, joined Danaher in 1999 and has since led a variety of different functions and businesses within the company. Most recently, Jennifer served as Executive Vice President with responsibility for Danaher’s Environmental & Applied Solutions segment since July 2022.

Linda Filler has served in executive roles for leading consumer products and retail organizations. In 2017 she retired as President of Retail Products, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Merchandising Officer at Walgreens. Linda’s leadership experiences with large global public companies, and in particular her focus on global portfolio strategy, capital allocation, and strategic brand development, will be a key asset to Veralto. Linda serves as Chair of Veralto’s Board of Directors and as a member of the compensation committee.

Françoise Colpron has over 30 years of global business and legal experience. She served as Group President, North America of Valeo SA from March 2008 to July 2022. Françoise brings international expertise and extensive board experience. She has received recognition by various automotive industry and business organizations and was inducted into the French Légion d’Honneur in 2015. Françoise serves on Veralto’s compensation committee and nominating and governance committee.

Daniel L. Comas joined Danaher in 1991 and served as Executive Vice President of Danaher from April 2005 through December 2020. Throughout his time at Danaher, Daniel held responsibilities over corporate development, treasury, finance, and risk management. His role in Danaher’s mergers and acquisition program is a domain expertise that will be particularly valuable to Veralto given the importance of its acquisition program.

Shyam P. Kambeyanda has served as President and Chief Executive Officer and a director of ESAB Corporation since April 2022. Shyam maintains a keen international perspective on driving growth and business development in emerging markets. His extensive senior executive and leadership experience for global businesses will be of key importance for Veralto. Shyam serves on Veralto’s audit committee.

William (Bill) H. King has served as Vice President and later Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Danaher since 2005. Since joining Danaher in 1998, Bill has held responsibilities over sales, marketing, and business development. His long-standing experience leading Danaher’s strategy function gives him keen insights into Veralto’s strategy, served industries, and opportunities for future growth.

Walter “Duke” G. Lohr, Jr. was a partner of Hogan Lovells, a global law firm, until retiring in 2012, and also serves on the board of directors of Danaher. Prior to his tenure at Hogan Lovells, Duke served as assistant attorney general for the State of Maryland. His extensive knowledge of the legal strategies, issues, and dynamics that pertain to mergers and acquisitions and capital raising is expected to be a critical resource for Veralto. Duke serves as Chair of Veralto’s nominating and governance committee.

Heath A. Mitts has served as Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer of TE Connectivity since September 2016, where he is responsible for developing and implementing financial strategy. Heath’s public board expertise and extensive senior financial leadership experience, including expertise leading acquisitions and water sector knowledge, make him a valuable addition to the Veralto Board. Heath serves on Veralto’s audit committee.

Vijay Sankaran serves as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Johnson Controls International PLC, a global leader in smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings, where he has focused on accelerating product software engineering development and expanding customer solutions through the company’s digital platform since May 2021. Vijay has held leadership roles in technology transformation across a spectrum of industries, including various positions at TD Ameritrade and the Ford Motor Company. Vijay serves on Veralto’s audit committee.

John T. Schwieters served as Principal of Perseus TDC, a real estate investment and development firm, from 2013 until May 2023. John also serves on the board of directors of Danaher. He brings to Veralto extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of public accounting, tax accounting and finance, which are expected to be areas of critical importance to Veralto as a large, global and complex public company. John serves as Chair of Veralto’s audit committee.

Cindy L. Wallis-Lage served as Executive Director, Sustainability and Resilience of Black & Veatch Holding Company, where she focused on driving a sustainability brand and establishing and integrating environmental, social, and governance policies and practices. Cindy is well-known in the industry for her expertise in the treatment and reuse of water and wastewater resources, a key asset to Veralto. Cindy serves on Veralto’s nominating and governance committee.

Thomas L. Williams has served as Executive Chairman of Parker Hannifin Corporation since January 2023. Prior to joining Parker Hannifin in 2003, Thomas held several key management positions at global manufacturing companies. Tom’s experience on the boards of multiple public companies and deep knowledge of executive compensation and governance expertise will be a valuable resource to the Veralto Board. Tom serves as Chair of Veralto’s compensation committee.