A fisherman feeds fish at a commercial farm in Mekong River.

who we are

Purpose and values

Unified by purpose

We are a global leader in essential technology solutions powered by purpose: Safeguarding the World’s Most Vital Resources™.

At Veralto, we think expansively about vital resources. As environmental stewards, we enable our customers to protect natural resources. As stewards of humanity, we help customers ensure the safety and delivery of the world’s food, water, essential goods, and medicine.

And as a business, we believe that people—our customers, our partners, our associates, our advocates—are our most vital resources. We are passionately committed to honoring their time, investments, and vision for a better world.

Jennifer L. Honeycutt - President & Chief Executive Officer, Veralto

As stewards of the world’s most vital resources, our businesses help ensure billions of people have safe water, food, and medicine every day.

Jennifer L. Honeycutt
President and Chief Executive Officer

Guided by values

Our Veralto Values guide how we show up for each other in pursuit of our unifying purpose. They drive our decisions and amplify the value we deliver to our customers, our communities, and the world.

Triptych aerial view of Waikiki, Hawaii, close-up view of a pipette and test tube, child drinking water from cupped hands

We serve humanity with purpose and integrity

by creating an inclusive environment where transparency, trust, and belonging can flourish.

All my life I was passionate about improving the human condition, and what’s more important than water?

Melissa Aquino
Senior Vice President, Water Quality Segment
Triptych aerial view of a water treatment plant, close-up view of a TrojanUV circuit board, Hach scientist in lab

We unlock ingenuity for customer success

by solving our customers’ most complex challenges with unique expertise, resourcefulness, and innovation.

We help clients do incredible things by helping them solve analytical challenges, simplify workflows, and accelerate throughput for a healthier environment and well-being.

Aline Modesto
Senior HR Business Partner, XOS
Triptych view of Videojet Wood Dale factory, close-up view of Videojet products, Videojet Associates on manufacturing floor

We deliver results as a team

by holding ourselves and each other accountable, driving a high-performance culture, and collaborating with focus and determination.

Working with such incredibly talented and passionate people makes my job so much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Dayna Harland
Human Resources & Talent Acquisition, X-Rite
Triptych view of Pantone swatch deck, close-up view of coding printed on container, father and daughter grocery shopping

We continually improve for enduring impact

by rigorously applying the Veralto Enterprise System today to build a better tomorrow for our associates, customers, shareholders, and communities around the world.

I know the data work I do has a tangible, real-world impact that is used to better understand our oceans, and ultimately, to improve our planet’s health.

Logan Guillet
Assembly Technician, Sea-Bird Scientific