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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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We are committed to making Veralto a vibrant place where all people belong, are passionate about their work, provide valued collaborations, and thrive.

We believe that a diverse workforce and deeply inclusive culture are essential for accelerating creativity and innovation, driving growth, and ensuring that our technologies effectively serve a global customer base. In short, Veralto is a place where our highly engaged global team can thrive.

My goal is to create an environment that honors Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and inspires associates to bring their full authentic selves to work each and every day. I believe deeply that diverse perspectives create innovative solutions, breakthrough thinking, and a strong company community fueled through engagement.

Jennifer L. Honeycutt
President and Chief Executive Officer

Cultivating an inclusive culture

Veralto supports a culture that respects and appreciates individuality. Our Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) are one of our most powerful tools for promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I). Our ARGs provide a safe and supportive space for associates from marginalized communities. In addition to mentoring and coaching programs, ARGs are vibrant hubs of connection, professional development, and community within the broader Veralto family.

Our Associate Resource Groups are vibrant hubs of connection, professional development, and community within the broader Veralto family.

As we recognize the importance of broad community support, each of our ARGs is open to all associates including allies. We define an ally as one who actively supports and defends the rights, interests, and well-being of another person or group.

Supporting our ARGs and their members is a top priority for our President and CEO, Jennifer L. Honeycutt, and her executive team. Our executive leaders serve as ARG sponsors, prioritize opportunities to speak with our ARGs, and actively participate in their events.

Veralto Associate Resource Groups (ARG)

Mattias Byström - Senior Vice President, Product Quality and Innovation Segment

We are consciously creating an environment where all people have an equitable opportunity to succeed, where everyone feels included, and diversity is celebrated. Technology innovation depends on diverse perspectives.

Mattias Byström
Senior Vice President, Product Quality and Innovation segment

Operationalizing DE+I

The Veralto Executive Team and Operating Company Presidents work diligently with their leadership teams through targeted action plans to drive progress across Veralto in the form of awareness, skill-building, communication, and community outreach. Our DE+I Policy articulates our commitment at the enterprise, operating company, people leader, and individual contributor levels. 

Enterprise accountability

Veralto’s Office of DE+I is led by our Vice President of Talent and Diversity, who reports to Veralto’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources and partners with the Veralto Executive Team and Operating Company Presidents to:

  • Oversee Veralto’s DE+I strategic direction

  • Create DE+I accountability measures, including performance and development objectives

  • Operationalize DE+I initiatives and programming across all our operating companies

  • Engage in learning and development to further enhance and support the DE+I capabilities of our leaders across the business 

Operating company accountability

Across Veralto, when we reach for bold objectives we care deeply about, we turn to a Veralto Enterprise System (VES) tool called Policy Deployment (PD). Since 2021, each Veralto operating company has committed to an annual PD initiative focused on DE+I, including broadening candidate pools, sourcing diverse hiring slates, retaining and expanding opportunities for diverse talent, and developing the competency and accountability of our people leaders.

Leadership accountability

Veralto requires each people leader to have a DE+I-related personal performance or development objective as part of our annual review process. Ensuring our leaders understand the importance of DE+I, model an inclusive culture through their own behaviors, and cultivate opportunities for their teams to learn and engage is critical for advancing our goals.

Pay equity

Our DE+I policy articulates our commitment to pay equity (including gender and racial/ethnic group pay equity) and ensuring that pay decisions are based on merit. We proactively monitor, measure, and review our pay practices and take actions toward achieving and maintaining pay equity.

In 2020, Veralto’s operating companies achieved base pay equity for women and for racial and ethnic minorities in the US, based on an analysis of weighted median base pay, and we are continuing to ensure pay equity around the world.

Our commitment to human rights

Veralto is committed to upholding the dignity of every person and supporting efforts to protect human rights around the world. This commitment is consistent with our purpose and values. We codify this commitment in our Code of Conduct and track our progress in our Sustainability Report.

While governments play a lead role in ensuring human rights for their citizens, we believe corporations also have an important duty to operationalize human rights in daily interactions with associates, customers, and business partners. We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen and to contribute positively to human rights impacts in the way we run our company.

It is our workplace policy to comply with all applicable laws pertaining to fair employment practices, freedom of association, privacy, collective bargaining, immigration, working time, wages, and hours as well as laws prohibiting forced labor, compulsory labor, child labor, employment discrimination, and human trafficking. We do not tolerate the abuse of human rights in our operations.

Corporate neutrality and individual action

No Veralto operating company contributes any money to or for any political party or candidate, any ballot measure, or any public communication that expressly advocates the election or defeat of a political candidate. We understand that the lines of human rights and politics can sometimes blur.  We support our associates who may be impacted by political actions and respect those who choose to speak out in opposition to these actions. We believe in the right of associates to participate in the political process and encourage our associates to be active in charitable and political activities important to them.


Base pay equity achieved for women and racial and ethnic minorities in the US 


Weighted median base pay and short-term incentive compensation for women and people of color in the US within operating companies in the same job


Our goal for voluntarily analyzing pay fairness in 2023 across our global headcount

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