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Sustainability at Veralto

Sustainability is woven deeply into the fabric of Veralto.  Our people, our companies, and our innovations support our customers as they address global challenges including water scarcity, environmental resource sustainability, management of severe weather events, food and pharmaceutical security, and the impact of an aging workforce.

From ensuring clean drinking water to reducing packaging waste, we help customers protect precious resources and keep our global water and food supply safe.

Safeguarding the world’s water

Our water quality companies help ensure the availability of clean drinking water while enabling customers to reduce water and energy consumption and protect our waterways. We are trusted partners to municipalities and industry, helping to ensure the quality of the water supply and advance their sustainability objectives.

ChemTreat Associate working on equipment

food and beverage

Water conservation

ChemTreat associates work alongside industrial customers to understand their water challenges and tailor chemical treatment plans and dosing protocols to help optimize customers’ water usage and maximize reuse; our solutions helped customers save over 80 billion gallons of water in 2022.

municipal water

Environmental solutions

Trojan Technologies offers UV and membrane filtration systems for water disinfection and contaminant removal. Our systems treat and support the recycling of 12 trillion gallons of water annually and in turn help to improve access to clean water for more than 250 million people every day.

Trojan Technologies Associate working on equipment

Safeguarding food, medicine, and essentials

In addition to helping mark and code food, medicine, and essentials to ensure traceability and authenticity, our Product Quality and Innovation companies help customers reduce packaging material consumption and waste, minimize environmental impact, and bring more sustainable packaging solutions to market faster.

Person working on computer with Esko Cape Park software


Software solutions

Esko’s Cape Pack package design and pallet optimization software has helped one of the world’s largest producers of packaged goods eliminate the need for over 900,000 trucking miles annually, equating to the reduction of CO2 emissions by over 3.4 million pounds.

food and beverage

Product enhancements

Videojet helped the confectionary division of a leading global food brand upgrade to next-generation printers optimized for marking on lighter, more sustainable film.

Videojet TTO printer on a vertical form/fill/seal machine

Our progress and strategy

We are deeply aware of our responsibility to our stakeholders and the opportunities to make a difference through our innovative products, our positive impact on the planet, and our people, as reflected in our purpose: Safeguarding the World’s Most Vital Resources™. 

To prepare for our launch as a standalone company, we conducted a sustainability prioritization assessment to identify our stakeholders’ sustainability priorities and inform our sustainability strategy. Based on our findings from conversations with investors, interviews and surveys with associates, and discussions with sustainability leaders from our customers, we organized our sustainability strategy around the three pillars of Products, Planet, and People.

The Veralto Enterprise System is a powerful toolset to help us execute our sustainability strategy and drive continuous improvement across energy consumption, water use, and other key sustainability metrics. 

We are actively evaluating opportunities to increase our impact through collective actions such as sustainability-focused partnerships, initiatives, industry alliances, and grant-making opportunities.

External Recognition

MSCI: MSCI ESG Ratings measure companies’ ESG risks, opportunities, and performance using a rules-based methodology to identify industry leaders and laggards. Veralto’s “AAA” rating puts us in the “leader” category, with a higher rating than ~85% of peer companies in our industry group.

EcoVadis Medals: In recognition of their sustainability leadership and commitment, five Veralto companies have received EcoVadis certification: Trojan Technologies (Gold), ChemTreat (Silver), Hach (Silver), Videojet (Silver), and Esko (Bronze).