An Atlantic Salmon being returned to the Stryn River, Norway in crystal clear water.

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Water Quality

As the world’s population increases, so too does the demand for our most vital resource: water.

Veralto’s Water Quality companies help our customers safeguard precious water resources by holistically addressing water safety and scarcity, responsible water management, and other water challenges brought on by climate change.

Hach Associate working in Shanghai, China

Innovating for cleaner water

Every day, we help customers manage, test, treat, and protect our global water supply, from municipal and wastewater treatment facilities to lakes, rivers, watersheds, and oceans. Veralto’s innovative solutions help reduce the environmental impact of industrial water, increase efficiency, generate sustainable energy, and purify and replenish vital water sources. 

OTT HydroMet pyranometer accurately measures of solar irradiance

Setting standards for environmental stewardship

From the fjords of Norway to the Antarctic ice shelves, Veralto technologies track weather patterns and rising sea levels to advance environmental stewardship. Our teams’ expertise and ingenuity are increasing access to clean water around the world and helping customers achieve their ambitious water reduction goals.


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